i am actualy trying to read a field value in my panelized node.

I want to recieve the data in the red marked field, as u can see in my screenshot.

enter image description here

I tried to following:

<?php print_r($display->context['panelizer']['data']['field_centerpage_layout'][0]['value']); ?>

But I recieve this Error:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type ctools_context as array in C:\seu\xampp\htdocs\iptp\sites\all\themes\mytheme\plugins\layouts\he_two_70_30\he-two-70-30.tpl.php on line 29

I would be thankful for any kind of help :-)


As you can see from your Krumo output (plus the very descriptive error message), data is an object, not an array. I'd imagine $display->context['panelizer'] is also an object but it's hard to say as you haven't mentioned in your question how that's populated. You should use either




Probably the second one.

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