Sorry about the confusing name. I have the following problem. I have a migration for a content type that has a multivalue field-collection-item (~50 items there in average per content). The migration is fairly quick, 150 items/min. However the migration-update is very slow, 10 items/min. I've checked with xhprof and 95% of the time it spends inside FieldCollectionItemEntity::deleteRevision - basically deleting the old field collection items when re-populating the node with the new ones.

The content type has the revisions turned off, so the number of related revisions should be 1 all the time, not more. Is there any smart way to avoid this massive time that it takes?

I'm wondering if the Entity API has a queue system to save these delete operations for later. Or somehow removing revisions completely?

Thanks you

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Copy and Paste your own version of the FieldCollectionItemEntity class file and call it like FieldCollectionItemEntity2. Then simply like have FieldCollectionItemEntity::deleteRevision return or do a NO-OP. Use the new class in your migration instead of the default one you're using now.

For when the migration completes; implement like a PostImport() function to delete all but the most recent revision.

To my knowledge there is no Queue of revision items. A node/entity Save (and revisioning) I thought is done in a sql transaction statement.

  • Hi Tenken, that is a great idea. What I'm worried about is missing deleting a cache (or other things than just deleting the revision) at the end - if it's necessary at all. I'll check if it's possible. Thank you!
    – itarato
    Nov 6, 2013 at 17:53

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