Users can add images to content. They're supposed to be uploading them to the site, but occasionally people will reference an image hosted elsewhere in the src='...'.

What is the best way to prevent these images from working (or even better, redirecting to a "This image is blocked" image)? I imagined using a hook of some sort to modify the content, or possibly a module that adds a filter to weed out these images. But it seems like a situation I could be overthinking.

Any suggestions?

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I presume you are allowing the uploading and embedding of images via the WYSIWYG. That being the case you need to write a text filter and apply it to the text format the users are allowed to use (Filtered HTML for example). http://local.example.com/admin/config/content/formats/filtered_html

Have a look at the Examples module for how to do that.

filter_example  Defining an input filter

If you're not allowing them to upload and embed via the WYSIWYG (but uploading via a field for example) you could simply remove img from the permitted tags in your Limit allowed HTML tags filter.

  • Users are allowed to upload files via WYSIWYG, so your solution makes sense to me. Thanks! Commented Nov 8, 2013 at 19:36

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