I would like to make a tree of taxonomy terms and keep the child-parent relationship. So something like


I couldn't find a way to do this with core, so I'm using the Views Tree module. By following the instructions on the module page, I can output a hierarchical, bulleted, unordered list with proper indentation for the child terms. However, I want to rewrite the fields as links like:


I'm using Fields:

 - Taxonomy term: Term ID
 - (Parent) Taxonomy term: Term ID
 - (Parent) Taxonomy term: Name
 - Taxonomy term: Name

only the last field is visible, and I have a relation "Taxonomy term: Parent term". All this is per the instructions on the Views Tree page. When I try and rewrite the field link using Fields->'taxonomy term: Name'->Rewrite Results->Output this field as a link->Link Path and use the replacement patterns in the form:


('name' references the term's parent name (if it exists); name_1 references the term name itself) it works fine for the child terms, since both parent and child are defined, I get:

test/<term's parent name>/<term name>
(e.g. test/Parent1/Child1)

However, the parent term links are rewritten as:

test//<term name>
(e.g. test//Parent1)

since the parent terms themselves have no parent. Any suggestions on how to make this work? I'm willing to scrap this module and try something else, but I couldn't get it working with core either.

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