I have two content types and one vocabulary:

  1. Service Categories - different categories of jobs. (VOCABULARY as the list is small and does not change)

  2. Service Tasks - tasks that relate to an individual category

  3. Services - record consisting of details related to a service performed

On the services page, I have a have a term reference field that allows the user to select the category of service. Below that I have a node reference field that I would like to have populate the related task from which to choose once the category has been selected.

Without involving programming, is there a solution to my problem? I am new to Drupal (using version 7) but am picking up the concepts quickly.

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I would accomplish this by arranging your vocabulary like so:

  • Category 1
    • Task 1
    • Task 2
  • Category 2
    • Etc.

I would probably just name it Service Tasks, but that's my preference. Then use the hierarchical select module.

Enable the module and it's Taxonomy Select sub-module, then add a term reference to Services using the hierarchical select widget. Now you can choose tasks related to their parent categories without having to make all sorts of references.

  • Thank you very much Tommy! That is definitely an option that I have looked into, but I'm finding some challenges that have me looking for alternatives (multiple clicks to get the module to commit selections and difficulty working with field dependencies module). I am glad to have this option in my back pocket, but still interested to see if there are alternatives. Thanks again!
    – Joe S
    Nov 7, 2013 at 18:25

I recently ran into something similar to this. I had a Content Type called Subsidiary, and a related Taxonomy called SubsidiaryType. I was working on a map that plots out where all the offices of the Subsidiaries are (Many Offices to One Subsidiary), so I also had a MapPoint Content Type.

Structurally, that's the same: just as your Service had a ServiceTask through ServiceCategory, my MapPoint had a SubsidiaryType through Subsidiary.

I installed the References module, and that enables me to use a view to populate a select list in a Content Type.

Add a new View and choose the 'References' type, as well as the 'Fields' Row Setting.

Add the relationship for the Taxonomy terms, and add two fields:

  • Title (Or whatever Human Readable ID you have)
  • Term Name (but hide this)

Next, open the settings for the References List Format. You'll see a grouping option. Group by the Term name on the relationship.

Now, head back to the Content Type definition for Service, and add a field for Service Task. Choose Node Reference and then instead of using one of the presupplied relations, use a view.

Select the View we just created, and you should now have a select list that has grouped options. Here's an example of how it should look:

  • Web Development

    • HTML/CSS Markup
    • Server Administration
    • PHP/JS Programming
  • Marketing

    • Sales Call
    • Copy Writing
  • Administration

    • Process Development
    • Meetings

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