I'm managing deployment using the Features module.

Using Strongarm, I have added the site_403 (access denied page) variable to my feature. However, this only contains the value for the default language (in my case, English). I also have "translated" this URL into Japanese using the i18n Variable translation submodule, but I cannot find where this translated site_403 variable is stored in order to add it to my feature.

How can I add translated variables (via the i18n module) to a feature?

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Please refer to this I18n translation of site_name not working

You need to enable 'Variable translation', 'Variable store' modules. Then you need to specify which variables you want to translate from Configuration -> Multilingual settings -> Variables. With this you would be able to translate your Site Information variables in different languages.

Now in Features, you can export translated variables from the section 'REALM VARIABLES'.

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