I am searching for a hook name when a commerce order is updated ?

Indeed I have programmed a module that it must perform some operations when a commerce order is modified. for example when order status is changed or when a line item in selected order is changed.

do you know what is the hook name when a commerce order is modified ?


Commerce doesn't provide an explicit hook for that (these are the hooks it does define for orders).

Since a commerce order is an entity, you're looking for hook_entity_update(), which is used to

Act on entities when inserted.

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    thanks. I am working on it. My issue is do some operations when an entity with type "commerce_order" is updated. so I used "hook_entity_update" and in my function I used this condition if($type == 'commerce_order') {} – Mehrdad201 Nov 8 '13 at 17:18

The documentation for commerce_order_status_update() says:

While there is no explicit Rules event or hook devoted to an order status being updated...

It is possible to use hook_commerce_order_presave():

 * Implements hook_commerce_order_presave().
function my_module_commerce_order_presave($order) {
  if ($order->status != $order->original->status) {
    drupal_set_message("The order status changed from {$order->original->status} to {$order->status}");

Here's an optional helper function for use elsewhere if you have an $order object, and are curious if its status has changed from what is stored in the database:

 * Given an order object, this returns FALSE if the order status has not
 * changed. If it has changed, it returns an associative array with the
 * following keys: new_order_status, old_order_status
function my_module_order_status_changed($order) {
  $result['new_order_status'] = $order->status;
  $result['old_order_status'] = db_select('commerce_order', 'co')
    ->fields('co', array('status'))
    ->condition('co.order_id', $order->order_id)
  if ($result['new_order_status'] == $result['old_order_status']) {
    return FALSE;
  return $result;
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  • Where did you pull out hook_order_status_changed. Doesnt work and I dont see anywhere hook_order_status_changed documented? – Marko Blazekovic Sep 24 '15 at 0:43
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    The hook is hook_commerce_order_presave() with the boolean outlined above. There is no hook called hook_order_status_changed(), that is just a helper function I've created. – tyler.frankenstein Sep 24 '15 at 16:19

Try: hook_commerce_order_presave($order);

It allows you to prepare order data before it is saved.

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  • can you provide some example code? – Scott Joudry Nov 8 '13 at 16:20

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