I've enabled clean URLs on my site, and currently, URLs are of the form:


How can I force them to to use human-readable URLs? Something like:



The Clean URLs setting turns your URLs from index.php?q=node/123 to /node/123.

The path module that comes with core Drupal enables the URL path settings tab on node add/edit forms. Here you can specify any URL alias that will load the node instead of /node/123. These aliases must be entered manually for each node.

The Pathauto module allows you to automatically generate URL aliases. By enabling pathauto and not doing any further configuration your URLs will turn into /content/title-of-node. You can change how the URL is generated in the pathauto settings (so it can be /node/title-of-node for example).

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    Pathauto is the answer. Use it to auto assign names. Easy peasy. – WernerCD Aug 14 '11 at 16:14

Adding to what reported by rocketeerbkw, I will suggest you to check also the Sub-path URL Aliases module (Drupal 6) or the Sub-pathauto (Sub-path URL Aliases) module (Drupal 7). The Pathauto module creates the aliases for URLs like example.com/node/1, or example-com/user/1; it doesn't create a path alias for example.com/node/1/edit, for example, and the purpose of those modules is to allow using the path alias also for example.com/node/1/edit, which would become example.com/node_alias_1/edit, where node_alias_1 is the alias for node/1.

The Drupal Path module matches only full URLs when creating SEO-friendly aliases. This module extends that behavior by also matching known sub-paths and replacing them with their respective alias.

For example, if user/1 is aliased to users/admin, this module rewrites the link to the user contact page user/1/contact to use the aliased URL users/admin/contact instead. This also includes Views URLs taking a node as argument (e.g. node/%/yourview), in short, every URL that is based on, or extends, an existing alias. In combination with the Pathauto module it is possible to get rid of all remaining exposed internal non-administrative URLs.


If path module is enabled, you can change URLs in admin/config/search/path.
Or you can change the URL alias directly when adding new content in URL path settings field.

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