In Drupal 6 when a user logs in, they are presented with a completely useless page that has no information other than how long the user account has existed.

How do you edit this? Can you embed a view or something there? How would I make a Homebox the default tab? (I've tried using Tab Tamer to hide and disable the tab, but no effect -- still has the lousy "History" info.).


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I think the Login Destination module may help you.


If you are using Panels/Pages you can enable the user_view page (admin/build/pages/edit/user_view) and add views or whatever else you want there.

  • Having now done a lot more Drupal development, I'd probably use this approach now.
    – aendra
    Oct 23, 2013 at 9:33

The Login Tobogan module will let you direct users to something else when they log in. It has lots and lots of configuration options.

Or you could use a Panel to override the display of the user profile and put the other views you want there.

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