Is it possible to move node edit tabs links in some block. I want to hide them from the orignal position and want to create a floating block which may contains all those links which are available in tabs.


I think you want to do something like this?...


I did this with some jQuery and CSS.

jQuery to create and place "button" - in my case, this is a font-awesome icon. This may seem strange, but we're placing the button inside the div.tabs tag, and then placing div.tabs tag inside the h1 tag...

// edit node buttons
    // wait til everything loads before firing
        //insert edit icon into div.tabs
        $('div.tabs').prepend($("<i class=\"icon-edit\"></i>"));    
        //insert div.tabs into page title

Now, if this is all we did, it would look crazy! We need CSS to do the magic part...

/*first we hide div.tabs, but we also define properties for when we expose it later*/       
    div.tabs ul {
    border: 0px none;
    border-radius: 4px 0 4px 4px;

/*this exposes the tabs when we hover over the icon!*/  
    div.tabs:hover ul,
    div.tabs:active ul {

/*position button - I want it to the left of the h1*/
    div.tabs {

Your selectors and styles may differ, but the essential thing is to have a trigger/button class (or id) that is inside the div you want to hide/show.

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  • Thank you very much though I was thinking to put those link in some sort of block and than manipulate that block. But this is even better. Thanks again. – Fahad Ur Rehman Nov 15 '13 at 9:37

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