Following inline documentation on example shipping module api, I have an implementation of hook_commerce_shipping_services_info(), in which I set callback function for 'rate', 'details_form' etc.

I'm trying to calculate the rate based on the zip code entered by the customer, but the callback for 'rate' only takes two arguments, which are $shipping_services and $order. I dpm both objects, but didn't see any shipping information, entered on the previous page (checkout). The field [commerce_customer_shipping] has Array ( [und] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [profile_id] => 2 ) ) )

How do I get the values for the individual fields, such as address, city, and zip code?

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See the replacement patterns and give like as below, for example, [commerce-order:commerce-customer-shipping:field-name-line]. Use "-", not "_".


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