I am currently using clientside_validation with clientside_validation_states to validate conditionally required fields.

The issue I am experiencing is when the conditionally required element is invalid (empty), it is showing the generic "This field is required" (from jQuery.validation defaults) instead of using a message that is typically seen (and shows on all other, non-conditionally required fields) - for example, "First Name field is required".

I am using a custom errorPlacement method, but I'm not sure that it matters:

    // custom error placement
    Drupal.clientsideValidation.prototype.replaceLabel = function (error, element)  {
      var label, origLabel;
      var wrapperClass = 'formReplacedLabel';
      var WrapperEl = 'span';
      label = element.siblings('label');
      if (label.find('.form-replaced-label').length === 0) {
        label.wrapInner("<span class='form-replaced-label'></span>");

So, the error being passed (for the states dependent control) to the custom errorPlacement method is just the default $.validator.messages.required instead of what is passed for the other controls. I can't just change .messages.required to something that is for this field specifically either, as I have several forms with state dependent fields.

I have attached an animated gif that I think can explain the issue better than I do.

enter image description here


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Turns out this is a bug. The hot fix is to add the $message argument to the _clientside_validation_set_equal() call on clientside_validation_fapi.module. So that it looks like: _clientside_validation_set_equal($name, $title, $params[0], $js_rules, $message);.

I've started an issue and submitted a patch https://drupal.org/node/2140163

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