I've been basing this off of Grashmash's article over building a multistep registration with Ctools, and I can't seem to get the Profile2 form in. I don't want to use the Field Group multistep option as I need to add additional forms to the wizard, but I'd like to get past this first.

I can successfully get past the initial account creation, but then the profile doesn't show up. Any ideas?

    $form_info = array(
    // Specify unique form id for this form.
    'id' => 'multistep_registration',
    //Specify the path for this form. It is important to include space for the $step argument to be passed.
    'path' => "user/register/%step",
    // Show breadcrumb trail.
    'show trail' => TRUE,
    'show back' => FALSE,
    'show return' => FALSE,
    // Callback to use when the 'next' button is clicked.
    'next callback' => 'kidb_register_subtask_next',
    // Callback to use when entire form is completed.
    'finish callback' => 'kidb_register_subtask_finish',
    // Callback to use when user clicks final submit button.
    'return callback' => 'kidb_register_subtask_finish',
    // Callback to use when user cancels wizard.
    'cancel callback' => 'kidb_register_subtask_cancel',
    // Specify the order that the child forms will appear in, as well as their page titles.
    'order' => array(
        'register' => t('Register'),
        'profile' => t('Complete Profile'),
    // Define the child forms. Be sure to use the same keys here that were user in the 'order' section of this array.
    'forms' => array(
        'register' => array(
            'form id' => 'user_register_form'
        'profile' => array(
            'form id' => 'profile2_edit_main_profile_form',
            // Be sure to load the required include file if the form callback is not defined in the .module file.

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I found the answer in a similar thread, works perfectly with ctools.

How to display a profile form using profile2 module

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