I am attempting to wrap my head around some of the advance features of drush. i am using Drush User's Guide and it's example code and ran into this error [Fatal error: Call to undefined function updatedb() in /home/trakz/.drush/user_blocker.drush.inc on line 68]from the code below.

Line 68 is: [$query= updatedb('users')]

Can anyone tell me what is wrong? I have checked the Drush guide and updatedb() is valid. Googling around did not help.

drupal 6.28 drush 5.7

any assistance woudl be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

 * Callback implementation for user-blocker command
function drush_user_blocker() {
  // Grab all languages given. If any.
  $languages = func_get_args();

  // See if we received a date from which we should filter
  $since = strtotime(drush_get_option('since', '2 years ago')); 

  // Perform the update over the users table
  $query= updatedb('users')
  ->fields(array('status' => 0,))
  ->condition('uid', array(0, 1), 'NOT IN')
  ->condition('access', array(1, $since), 'BETWEEN');

  // Add the condition to filter by language
  if (count($languages)) {
    $query->condition('language', $languages, 'IN');

  $total_blocked = $query->execute();
  drush_log(dt("Blocked !total_blocked users", array('!total_blocked' => $total_blocked)), 'success');

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drush updatedb is a valid command.

updatedb (updb) Apply any database updates required (as with running update.php).

However, I'm not sure about using it in place of db_query.

In D7 you would use db_update there.

In D6, you're stuck with db_query

It looks like a syntax error in the module code, it probably needs to use D6 style db_query

  • HI David. I added the d6 style and at least got past the line, now I get an error on the next line [->fields(array('status' => 0,))] member function field is a non-object. Think I had better find another tutorial to use. Thank you for your help. Commented Nov 19, 2013 at 2:52

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