I used Theme Developer module to find the candidate name for a block that I'm using and it gives me this candidate name: block__menu_block__1 But it doesn't take action when I name as block--menu-block-1.tpl.php . I've tried several other variations to no avail, and I have cleared my cache. What would I name this block?

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Checkout the template suggestions: http://drupal.org/node/1089656

It should be: block--menu-block--1.tpl.php


When translating from a suggestion to a template filename, Drupal replaces every underscore with an hyphen; in this case, "block__menu_block__1" becomes "block--menu-block-−1.tpl.php" (there is a hyphen more than you used).

The code that converts underscores in hyphens is in drupal_find_theme_templates().

if (!isset($info['base hook']) && !empty($pattern)) {
  // Transform _ in pattern to - to match file naming scheme
  // for the purposes of searching.
  $pattern = strtr($pattern, '_', '-');
  // …

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