I want 'sell' a donation for custom donation amounts, and I know that to do this, I will need to use line items. I wrote the following code which I thought would do the trick, but when I go to /cart, I see that the price has remained the same.

global $user;
  if(user_is_logged_in()) {
    //$order_id = commerce_cart_order_id($user->uid);
    //$order = commerce_order_load($order_id);
    $order = commerce_cart_order_load($user->uid); 
  else {
    $order = commerce_cart_order_load();  //no uid since user is not logged in. attempts to load an anonymous order from the session.
  $lineItem = commerce_line_item_load($order->commerce_line_items['und'][0]['line_item_id']);
  if($form_state['values']['donation-custom-amount'] !== "") {  //if the user entered a custom amount
    $lineItem->commerce_unit_price['und'][0]['amount'] = $form_state['values']['donation-custom-amount'];
    $lineItem->commerce_total_price['und'][0]['amount'] = $form_state['values']['donation-custom-amount'];
  else {
    $lineItem->commerce_unit_price['und'][0]['amount'] = $form_state['values']['donation-amount'];

I checked that $form_state['values'] was giving me the form data, and there are no errors, just no price change.

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Recently I've updated some other line item fields on commerce_add_to_cart_submit() via this code:

$line_item = commerce_line_item_load($lit_id);
$line_item->field_product_options[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'] = $size;

I hope this will help someone.

  • I have moved off of this project for now, as I found a solution using Rules. However, if I have to do this again, I will definitely take a look at this. Thanks! Dec 2, 2014 at 14:44
  • Thanks for this one, I have been strugging for hours before I find your answer and the correct way to reset entity cache : drupal.org/node/2671936. :). Feb 29, 2016 at 15:37

The requirement which I see from your code is, you want to user's input for amount & update the cart. You can easily achieve this by using - Commerce Donate & Commerce Custom Product.

If it doesn't suit your requirement, please specify for further lookout.

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