Is there a way to hide menu links on the main menu based on the URL?

For instance, if my URL is 'example.com/undergraduate', the main menu links would be different than if I were to go to 'example.com/graduate'.

This obviously can't be too hard? A module would be awesome.

  • You can use drupal.org/project/path_access and prevent link path to be accessed (I think it checks access to the path before rendering menu link)
    – Ales
    Commented Jul 14, 2020 at 7:17

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If you want to have page specific menu system, you can create different menu blocks and put them appropriately.

Considering your example

Main menu is nothing but a menu block, so instead of using main menu block you can have two different menu blocks let say Menu block A and Menu block B

So in block configuration for Menu block A you will put the block visibility to show on "undergraduate" only and similarly put for Menu block b put it as "graduate"

Remember to put the menu blocks in same region as your main menu. You are just toggling menu block visibility on basis of URL.

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