I have a field in my view and I have rewritten the result ( p align="left" [field_about_us_read_more] ) and also check the "Output the field as a link". in styling setting section, "Customize field HTML" is "None" and "Customize field and label wrapper HTML" is "DIV" the html code generated is like this:

    <a href="/www.com/test"></a>
    <p align="left">
        <a href="/www.com/test"> read more </a>

How can I get rid of the first anchor link? and how to add extra html element in the " styling setting ".


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Remove check from "Output the field as a link" and then in rewritten the result put this

<p align="left">

or if not work try something like this (I mean in output use tag )

   <p align="left">
 <a href="/www.com/test">[field_about_us_read_more]  </a>


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