I have two type of users, and I have created two types of registration forms for each role. I want to redirect the users to different pages, once they get the email confirmation according to their roles.

For example:

  • user1, with the first role, must be redirected to page1
  • user2, with the second role, must be redirected to page2

I think I can achieve this feature using the Rules module, but I don't know how to do it.

Can you tell me how can I implement it?

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yes, with Rules!

  1. create a new rule.
  2. select event: user has logged in (or if you use LoginTobogan module you can use the event "When the user account is validated".)
  3. select condition: User has role(s), and assign the role (I recommend create a new Role and assign this role to a test user)
  4. selet the action: Page redirect, and add the url to the destination (I have selected 'Immediately issue the page redirect' to see the redirection (if is not select this, I can not see working the redirection, but test if you does not need this. Please review the warning about the setting)
  5. enable your rule and test.

You might be able to use something like the Login Destination module to achieve what you want. If not, there might be a solution in using the Trigger and Rules modules.

  • logintoboggan module will redirect all type of user to single page. but i want to redirect some type of users to particular page and another type of users to another page.Can you tell me how can i implement it by rules?
    – Moorthy
    Aug 18, 2011 at 11:40

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