I have problem with language of Drupal. When I click in home page in English language, the front page contains all content, nodes and blocks. When I click on other language, the front page doesn't show any contents and shows this message:

No front page content has been created yet

How can I make 1 front page that contains the same blocks and content and is also translated in different languages?

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This is the way I use it for a website with one single language in the front end (Spanish), and backend in english.

enter image description here

And.. enter image description here

All nodes are created using default language.


You could create a node with some static content to display as homepage, and then set this node as your default front page for default language in


and then translate this node for other languages.

In order to display some views blocks especifically in your frontpage and in all languages, first make sure your block settings are

Show block on specific pages : Only the listed pages : <front>

Then in view advanced settings, set Field Language as Current user's language

To complete, you can use Internationalization views to translate not dynamic content in your view, like views header, labels...

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