I'm building a D7 site using domain access. What I need now is to make a nodes list for each domain. The list would make use of the Facet API. And the list would only display the nodes on that specific domain.

I used to think adding a NODE INDEX view page, with "avaliable on current domain" filter would do the trick. But then I found there is no "avaliable on current domain" when views is selecting Node Indexes from the database !

What sould be done to restrict the results to current domain?

FYI, the site is using database search, not apache solr


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For showing nodes of particular domain on a particular domain, you dont need avaliable on current domain. First you have to see, if you are able to see the list of nodes on a particular node without applying the filter on a normal view.

If you cant see the content, then you will have to change some settings by going to link.


Under Advanced Settings, in Search Settings, check Search content for the current domain only

Under Domain Specific Settings >> Domain Settings Behaviour >> Use the active domain

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