I'm trying to create a drush alias following the excellent example posted here.


$aliases['dev'] = array(
   'root' => '/path/to/drupal',
   'uri' => 'dev.mydrupalsite.com',


$aliases['main'] = array(
    'root' => '/srv/www/mysite/public',
    'uri' => 'main.mysite.net',

According to the example the following two commands are equivalent:

 $ drush @dev status
 $ drush --root=/path/to/drupal --uri=dev.mydrupalsite.com status

And if I run:

$ drush --root=/srv/www/mysite/public --uri=main.mysite.net status

I get a full report. But if I run

 $ drush @main status

I get the error @main status could not be found.

The alias file has been discovered, running drush status in the drupal root shows it has been found. It's ~/.drush/mysite.net.alias.drushrc.php. What have I done wrong?

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The filename pattern mysite.net.alias.drushrc.php will only be parsed for aliases named @mysite.net. Rename this file to mysite.net.aliases.drushrc.php, and you'll be fine.


Do you have more than one alias? If so, I would recommend you rename the file as <youralias>.aliases.drushrc.php . Based on your example, this would give main.aliases.drushrc.php - It doesn't hurt to have only one alias in such file anyway so I would default to aliases.drushrc.php every time, just to be on the safe side.

Next, confirm that the site alias is returned when you type:

$ drush sa

If it's not, clear drush cache to reload all changes:

$ drush cc drush

If this still doesn't work, run the command with the --debug flag and please post the debug log here.

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