I am building my site using panels , mini panels on every page. In addition, I am using the panels everywhere modules. The theme I am using is: "Adaptivetheme".

I every page I built (using page manager and panels), I chose a panels layout of "AT responsive panels" 3 or 2 columns, depends on the page.

can I change the ratio of the columns of the layouts, so it will be, for examples 20/55/25, instead of the default 25/50/25?

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Panels - how to create custom layout?

In Panels, (or Adaptive), find the directory layouts directory.

In it, each layout has it's own directory with a couple of files in it.

Copy any of these directories, rename all the files to the new name of the directory, and you have a new plugin.

Also see the comment for the function at_get_plugins which provides Ctools specific integration so you can subtheme AT and have new layouts in your subtheme.


If you are referring to panel layouts specifically for Adaptivetheme, you should refer to this drupal.org discussion.

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