I'm using a field collection on my node form and sticky table headers comes baked in with no way to disable it (that I can find, anyway). How do I disable sticky table headers? Preferably with Javascript or CSS... sadly, I'm using an instance of Drupal 7 that has a lot of the internals hidden from me.


One line of CSS will do it:

table.sticky-header { display: none !important; }

Answer found here.


Just chiming in here since I came across this page while searching for a solution and wanted to demonstrate the alternative to a CSS override.

If you want to remove this at the theme level — where arguably it should be — you'll want to look at theme_field_multiple_value_form.

That function calls theme('table'... w/out sending the 'sticky' => FALSE value) see theme_table.

If you override that function and set 'sticky' => FALSE, then the code that initialized the sticky header will be ignored.

If you want to only override this for a certain field, just reference the $variables['element']['#field_name'] value.

  • Agree that it should be removed at the theme layer and not in css. The problem is that 'theme_field_multiple_value_form' creates blobs of HTML and doesn't return a render array, so developers are left forking the entire function to get in there. At this stage I'm looking at the lesser of two evils. – Sam152 Jun 17 '15 at 9:32

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