I've been searching for a while, but didn't find any contribute module to store multiple date values picking them from only one date popup calendar widget, just a 2009 feature request for D6.

In D7 I have some kind of "available days calendar" content type for appointments, where I save multiple date values per node via the date popup widget. When I add a new node, I have to choose "add another item" to add multiple days and select them one by one via the JQuery date popup calendar or fill them one by one in textfield: a very frustrating procedure for the end user, especially if you have to select many days per month (like said in this post, without answers).

How could I hook my node form in order to have just one date popup calendar where I can pick multiple days? Probably it's just a JQuery-matter to improve usability. I've found some JQuery libraries like MultiDatesPicker for jQuery UI. Could I integrate it (or another) easily in Drupal? Do you know a good tutorial/post to do that?

Any suggestion appreciated! :-)

Thanks in advance



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