I just enabled the devel module on Drupal 6 and using dpm($form) was showing values for me but it does not show values any more. What would mostly the issue here? Is there a way to see those values?


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    This is difficult issue to help you with if you're not providing any code or a specific context.
    – chrisjlee
    Aug 19, 2011 at 17:32

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Typical cases for why a dpm(...) doesn't show up:

  • Cache: The dpm() is in some cached code and is not actually being executed.
  • Access: You are viewing the page with a user that doesn't have access to see the debug messages.
  • Ajax/etc: Some code clears the messages before they are rendered, in this case you can use dd() to print to a log file instead.
  • Also sometimes while putting dpm() in theme part, it may not be executed while kpr() will.
    – tostinni
    Aug 21, 2011 at 16:06

In say a validation function, to see both the $form structure and what the user has entered, use a devel debug statement like:

dpm(array('$form' => $form, '$form_state' => $form_state), "Validation debug");

The $form_state['values'] array will contain the raw user entries you can then access and validate.

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