I am trying to modify a module.

I have two variables: let say $date = "mydate" and $title = "mytitle"

I have for the moment a theming function that creates a link by doing something like this:

$vars['row_dates'][$i] = l( $date, '', array('fragment' => $vars['timelinr_dates_id'] . '_' . $i, 'external' => TRUE));   

which output a result like: mydate

I would like now to output something like:

<a href="...">

the problem is that if I do:

$date = "<h2>mydate</h2>";
$title = "<h1>mytitle</h1>"

then the markups are outputed like text Is there a way to acheive it ?


You need to set the html-Option of l() to true:

l( $date, '', array(
  'fragment' => $vars['timelinr_dates_id'] . '_' . $i, 
  'external' => TRUE, 
  'html' => TRUE

Otherwise all html-tags get escaped by l().

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  • super! thanx Nebel54 ! – matt Dec 9 '13 at 15:34

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