I need not one, but three different webforms for my content type. So far I've seen that the webform module allows for only one webform per node. Any suggestions?


To clarify why I can't use the easy solution using blocks - I need to have each instance of the webform prepopulated with the node title (the node the webform is attached to) and I also need it to open in a lightbox. For making that work with one webform I used this solution, however, adding more webforms to the mix makes it more complicated.

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Webform allow embed form as block, so you can build 3 webforms, then show one in main content, and other 2 as blocks...

  • Actually, this doesn't really solve my problem because I really need to have the webforms to be attached to the node. Each webform needs to have prepopulated fields from the node title they were submitted from.
    – alouette
    Dec 13, 2013 at 4:05

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