I created a Filtering Search with Multiple Exposed Filters. It all has been working fine except one thing; when I logout as an admin and use the site as an anonymous user, exposed filters don't work.

The screenshot of my exposed filters form is below:-

enter image description here

In a functional scenario, When I click on any value, let's say EMEA, the form auto-sumbits and show hierarchical values in all the below filters and show the data on the right side.

As an example, When I click EMEA, the form auto-submits, and all the offices from EMEA appear in the lower filter of Filter by Office and results are shown.

The problem is that all the filters, data and values are shown for anonymous users but not auto-submitting takes place. It seems it just refreshes the page when I click on any filter.

Any idea?



I used two modules within it:-

  1. Better Exposed Filters (for making filters more readable)
  2. Views Hacks (to use Views Selective Exposed Filters for showing hierarchy within Filters)
  • Drupal does not provide auto-submit in core, neither does Views module. So please tell us how you implemented it if we are to help you what's wrong with this functionality.
    – Mołot
    Dec 11, 2013 at 8:00
  • Should I paste the View here? Even when I remove the auto-submit functionality, it still doesn't work ... There is something that is not letting it submit the form variables. With Admin login, I can see the URL filled with Query Variables on submit, but with anonymous mode, the page just refreshes on submit button press and there's no change/submitting of query in the URL :(
    – user219492
    Dec 11, 2013 at 8:26

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I got it.

I had LDAP module enabled and that was de-authorizing the access. Had to deactivate it.

Thanks a lot guys.

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