Just getting started with the entityforms module (and it looks sweet!). I want to create a 'contact us' link that displays the form in a modal window, submits and then closes the window.

There is a related module, ajax_form_entity, that looks like it would help make a clean submission. The demo site has a 'Views popup integration' section, but that doesn't look useful (or relevant, actually).

Anyone know how I can do an ajax submit of an entity form from a popup?

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There is a sandbox module called Modal Entity Forms https://drupal.org/sandbox/andreymaximov/2058521

It depends on the Modal Forms module and will work in the same way, but for entity forms. I have tested the module and it works fine for now, although I want to submit 1 or 2 patches to extend it's functionality.

EDIT: There is now a new module called Modal operations: https://www.drupal.org/project/modal It's currently dev only (still better than sandbox) and so far it seems to work fine.

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