I would like one image to show in different locations, for example:

  • Event in the Calendar (Cropped version of the image)
  • Homepage (if promoted to Front Page - as the full size of the image)

Is this possible using Drupal 7?

Thanks! Izumi.


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Imagecache module has been moved into core for Drupal 7

It's called Image Styles

I haven't used the module, but Image Formatter Link To Image Styles module exposes the Image Style presets in in the imagefield


To speed up page loads (especially if you use Image magic and need many different sizes on images that users will load) I try to create only one image style, whenever I can, of the largest size I will use. Then, when I need the same image in a smaller size I call on this same image style and shrink it either with HTML or CSS (e.g.: height:20px; width: 20px;) Of course, it's better if you keep the image withe same height/width ratio.)

If you can imagine hundreds or thousands of users uploading images that need to be cropped, scaled, etc. that can take some resources on the server. The method above minimizes that. :)

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