Using jQuery, I need to programmatically click / select Form items (radios, select lists, checkboxes, etc). This field item has an '#ajax' action / callback defined using Form API.

The following code from a similar question works for submit buttons (Programatically trigger a click on an AJAX enabled form submit button):


However, this does not work for radio buttons. I have also tried creating a copy of the element and making my own AJAX call using the following code from another similar question (Use Drupal7 AJAX goodness programmatically):

          base = 'edit-my-radio-button';
          element = '<input type="radio" id="'+base+'" name="cat-selector" value="garfield" class="form-radio ajax-processed">';
          element_settings = Drupal.ajax[base].element_settings;
          myAjax = new Drupal.ajax(base, element, element_settings);
          myAjax.eventResponse(element, 'click');

The AJAX call is made, but the screen does not update as if the user clicked it. How can I programmatically select a radio button or select list using jQuery and cause Drupal to execute the AJAX call?

Please note: I have purposely kept this question as open ended as possible. My hope is that there is a more general way to do this for all form element types and that future answers regarding these can be considered relevant so that we have a single resource for this problem.

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In order to select radio buttons using jQuery I came up with the following solution:

base = 'edit-my-radio-button';
id = '#'+base;
Drupal.ajax[base].eventResponse($(id), 'click');

After some digging around in misc/ajax.js, I found that Drupal AJAX stores the result of new Drupal.ajax(base, element, element_settings) in the Drupal.ajax[] JavaScript Array. This led me to realize that I did not need to create a fake element or an element_settings object as the Use Drupal7 AJAX goodness programmatically answer suggested. While that simplified my code, and eventResponse() created a successful AJAX request, the AJAX commands being returned still did not execute.

On a hunch, I decided to use .click() followed by .eventResponse() because I noticed that false was being printed on the console.

After looking at the .eventResponse() code, I am not 100% sure where it is looking for the element to be currently selected. After stepping through the function calls, I believe jquery.form.js is checking to see if the item is selected, but since this file is minified by default, I have not gone through it yet. If anyone else can shed light on this or be willing to step through the function calls, that would be great!

FYI: If I run these commands manually in the console, .eventResponse() still returns false, so don't be alarmed when you see that.


@MD3 Did you try to explicitly check the radio button before clicking it?

$(id).attr('checked', true);

I've had the same problem as you and doing that solved it.


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