I am using drupal 7.23, and the module Rotating Banner https://drupal.org/project/rotating_banner I have the banner size set to " The banner will shrink to fit the page. " Unfortunately it is shrinking the banner when there is no change in page size.

All I have to do is load the page. The banner is initially fully expanded to the max size of the screen, but as it rotates, it will change to have a very small width. This appears to be random, in that it just happens with enough image rotations.

Here is the css for the regular image before it becomes travel size

enter image description here

Here is the css for the image after it smalls down

enter image description here

It appears that the internal code for the module thinks the screen size shrunk down big time, but I don't know why.... I would appreciate anyones advice on this matter....

Thanks so much,


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I think the module is a bit buggy. I changed it to not have the dynamic size setting, but went with static but just didn't put in a height/width. Since I am using bootstrap with drupal I surrounded the image with a


Which then forces the image to dynamically respond properly. So, a hack.

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