I need to give out a URL that will grant people who sign up at that URL a specific role. If possible I would like to also have the user fill out profile fields as part of user registration.

I think the Profile 2 module does something like this, but this is already set up with normal Drupal fields, is there any way to make this work?

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You can do it with Auto Assign Role module, It provide paths that will trigger a specific role when an account is created.

The Auto Assign Role serves three primary purposes. The first is to provide an automatic assignment of roles when a new account is created. The second is to allow the end user the option of choosing their own role or roles when they create their account. The third is to provide paths that will trigger a specific role when an account is created. The administrator has full control over these functions and can have them working together or independently of each other. Auto Assign Role is integrated with the Content Profile module so that you can have content types serving as registration pages. You can even replace the default user/register page with a customized version of your own design.

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    I installed it and couldn't find the settings for assigning a role based on a path, so I assumed that was in the dev version so I installed that, and I still couldn't find the settings. I get the impression that assigning a role based on a path only works in the Drupal 6 version.
    – jmickela
    Dec 13, 2013 at 20:58
  • @jmickela yaa, they mentioned "We will wait for an official D7 release of Auto Assign Role module." in this project page drupal.org/project/autoassignroleblocks
    – Bala
    Dec 14, 2013 at 9:45

I know the auto assign roles will work but often you want different customer fields or required fields as well. I have found that Profile 2 registration path will give custom fields per role and path registration.

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