I want to display the webform submission data along with some other information in the below mentioned table format (like multiple rows for a particular column inside of a table).

Is it possible with Views, or can anybody suggest a module, if there is such or any other way of getting it? I tried searching but found no module that meets my requirements.

enter image description here

  1. Use the Webform MySQL Views module.
  2. Then navigate to web form, you will find separate tab MySQL views.
  3. Generate one view form the same by navigating to that view.
  4. When the view is generated, you will find this view under structure menu, under views section.
  5. Then you can display it as you wanted to display, either in grid, unformatted list, tabular format, etc.

As your image seems colourful and in tabular format, you could use CSS classes for that, applying them under Advance section.

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