In my theme I need to hide the title of content, even the content-type pages and the Views page, and put it in a separate block placed in an other region than the content one. I figured out how to pick the title from the content-type pages (plain-simple as is) but I figure some difficulties on the View Pages.

How can I hide the title of the node or the page view in the content and put in a block of another region?

Thanks for every answers!


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Welcome to Drupal answers.

  1. How hide a title? There are a lot of questions that have been answered about this topic. Here one of them.

  2. How put the title in a block? You have different ways to achive this goal. if you only want to display the title with a content-type and the title is always in the same place, i would create a template for this content-type.

    Another way to do it, you should build a module that declare a block. The content of this block(the title of the node) has to to be rebuild when a page is requested.

  • Thank you for the reply Rufein. Sadly, the most difficult task for me is how to manage Views Page. Dec 17, 2013 at 20:49

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