I'm using the Design Module for a Drupal 7 site and have created a simple 1-column views display using the module and I want to take that template file that it has created and edit it more.

At the bottom of the layout options I am given a location of where the template should be along with the name of it, but it's not there.

Display Suite Layout

Is it possible to edit a layout (template file) that Display Suite has created? Where can I find those template files?

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The source template file you are looking for should be called ds-1col.tpl.php. It is in the mentioned folder.

  1. Copy the file to the templates folder within your theme.

  2. Then rename the file to ds-1col--ds-views-account-wins-page.tpl.php

  3. Make the adjustments you desire.

  4. Flush your caches and you should see the changes.

Read more about views template files here which function really similarly.

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