I want to add a to order checkout emails the bank account details managed by commerce_bank_transfer module. I create a rule for the order with the bank transfer payment method but I'm not undertanding how to add in the mail my site's bank account infos.

I tryed to add this code to the email

   $payment_method = commerce_payment_method_load('bank_transfer');
   echo commerce_bank_transfer_bank_details($commerce_order->order_id, $payment_method);  

I did some test and in the mail there is nothing where I was expecting my bank info.

Reading commerce_bank_transfer module I saw that commerce_bank_transfer_bank_details function request a 'setting' key in the $payment_method array but if I retry the payment method by


I have no 'setting' key.

How can I retry the setting from a payment method?

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I solve with this code:

$payment_method = commerce_payment_method_instance_load($commerce_order->data['payment_method']);
echo commerce_bank_transfer_bank_details($commerce_order->order_id, $payment_method); 

commerce_payment_method_instance_load() function need in input a string like


and it returns a paymente method with all data [ setting included ]

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