When I access admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu this should show a list of all of the menu items and enable re-ordering, enabling, etc. This has stopped working and will only display the top level menu (without styles) and sometime just a blank page.

I think it is related to the number of menu items I have. Checking the database for menu_links shows almost 500 entries. Is there a way around this?

Possibly I need to think differently. I am not actually displaying all of the items on the user menu just the top two levels. But by adding node and hiding them I get the breadcrumbs for 'free'. Is there a better way to handle the breadcrumbs that would enable me to remove excess items from the menus?

Thanks in advance Andrew W.

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If you want to modify only breadcrumb, then you can use one of below module.

custom breadcrumbs:

Allows administrators to set up parametrized breadcrumb trails for any node type, Views, Panels, Taxonomy vocabularies and terms, paths . This allows node types to have "Home > User Blog > 2005 > January" style breadcrumbs on the node view page itself, synchronizing cleanly with custom views or pathauto aliases. Breadcrumb visibility can be customized via a php snippet.

path breadcrumbs

Path Breadcrumbs module helps you to create breadcrumbs for any page with any selection rules and load any entity from the URL!

  • Thanks for the pointers to these modules. For now, I decided to reduce the number of pages on the menus and so have avoided the problem with the menu admin failing to display.
    – A Wright
    Dec 20, 2013 at 19:29

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