I am trying to access the current $node variables in the html.tpl.php within Drupal 7. The problem is that I am running a Analytics software in the backend for which I've to record each page's analytics from html.tpl.php.

If there's a normal page, I have to record generic attributes but if it's a node, I need the following things in the html.tpl.php:-

  • Title of the Content (Node)
  • Content Type of the Content

I can do this in node.tpl.php through $node->type;, but unfortunately I need it in html.tpl.php.

Many Thanks.

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You can get the current menu object with menu_get_object(). From there you can determine if that object is a node or not. Since it defaults to "node" it will be empty if you're not on a node page and will have all the normal node object stuff available if you are.

$node = menu_get_object()
  • That's great! Let me try that. I'll post any problems here. Thanks.
    – user219492
    Dec 18, 2013 at 20:13

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