I am trying to use Display Suite (newest version) to format the profile page for users. I am using the Profile2 module and the default main-profile type. I have the user's full name (not username) split into the fields for first, middle, and last. I am trying to create a custom field to combine these three fields as the full name.

I am trying to create a code field but I don't know what variable or replacement pattern to use. There is nothing in the list of available tokens. I have tried php using $content and $entity and get undefined variable errors.

How can I create a custom field in Display Suite to combine these three fields from a Profile2 entity?

  • Have you used token In code field?
    – Rupesh
    Commented Jun 13, 2015 at 14:13

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Enough trial and error and I finally figured it out. I ended up using Display Suite Code as the text format, but writing php code in the field code box.

And to grab the first name the code was: $entity->field_first_name['und'][0]['safe_value'].

  • Great that you found a solution. You can accept your own answer so that others looking for the same solution can see quickly that there is a likely working solution. Another approach might be to research applying computed_field module perhaps along with field_token_value that uses tokens (for providing other fields as variables) I haven't tried my suggestion, but thought I'd share as it looks worth exploring. These modules also have Drupal 8 versions as well as for 7. Commented Jul 17, 2018 at 14:58

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