I run the website for a small nonprofit, and we're looking at Pantheon. I've imported my code and DB and gotten things basically working, but I have a question about serving large files. We're a choir and we have a couple hundred MP3s (recordings of rehearsals, so people can practice) that we need to serve. It's not high traffic at all - probably only a couple dozen downloads per week - but the files can be as big as 100M each.

A CDN would be overkill - all downloaders are local, not spread around the globe. And it's really not much traffic.

How should I host them? Just check them in to Git? They're not currently in sites/default/files, but I could put them there and use symlinks from their current location if that would help.

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  • There are many solutions out there optimized for hosting media files that integrate really well with Drupal's Media module; Soundcloud, etc. Pantheon's individual file limits are 256mb, so it's worth a try, if there isn't much traffic. They shouldn't be committed to the repo, that will slow down workflow operations. Put them in sites/default/files. – スコット Dec 20 '13 at 16:16

I wouldn't check them into Git, just create an Audio content type and have a file/audio field. I would just check Pantheon to see what the file upload limit is.

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