The front end time shows as 3 hours behind the backend time of the same page. The correct time is the one on the backend. I set the time-zone correctly for the user and also the time show correctly in the "Administration » Configuration » Regional and language » date and Time" enter image description here

Here is the time that the page shows on the Backend (the correct time): enter image description here

And here is the time showing on the front-end (3 hours behind) enter image description here

And here is the code that I am using in the page template file:

`<?php print "Last Updated: " . format_date($node->changed, $type = 'medium'); ?>`

I am developing this Website locally on my machine (localhost). Any Ideas to get the time correct on the front end? Thanks.

  • You are using the same user when viewing the front/backend?
    – rreiss
    Dec 20, 2013 at 17:49
  • Yes I am the only admin for this website. No other users. Dec 20, 2013 at 21:34
  • Have you tried to check the current time (not the node's timestamp)? Is the current time also different? Just to be clear - I mean the PHP time() function
    – rreiss
    Dec 21, 2013 at 0:08
  • Yes when I use the PHP time() function in the code, it outputs the correct local time. Thanks for any other feedback. Dec 21, 2013 at 10:47

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Problem solved:

Just in case someone else got the same problem over this. Here is what I was doing wrong (Thanks to Jay from Princeton University for pointing it out):

I set up the Date & Time for the administrator account under "/admin/people", but not the system-wide setting, which is at "/admin/config/regional/settings"

'Administration -> Regional & Language -> Date And Time' will show the date/time formats I have set up while respecting the user-chosen timezone (not the system-wide default time zone) so everything looks deceptively like it's how I want it until I log out.

So in short there is another time setting in .../admin/config/regional/settings
that I wasn't aware off.

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