I'm trying to build a site with similar content conventions to Craigslist. The problem is, I don't really know a good way to create multiple vocabulary relationships in drupal. Here's the end result I need:

Categories (contains 'Goods' and 'Services')

Content Type: Item


  • User has many Items
  • User has one Location
  • Location has many Users
  • Location has all Categories
  • Item has many Categories
  • Item has one Location

The end result is having all Locations be easy to navigate, with Items being appropriately displayed, in multiple Categories, but restricted to Locations. Users should also be redirected to their respective locations based on their assigned Location and should be able to create Items without having to manually stipulate the Location they are already in.

Does that make sense? Can this be done easily in Drupal?

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This can all be done with Drupal's built in taxonomy module and the User Terms module.

  • Create a node type for Items.
  • Any Item a user creates is automatically tied to them by them being the author.
  • Create a taxonomy for Locations and assign it to Items and Users.
  • Create a taxonomy for Categories, assign it to Items, make it multi selectable.

You can then use Views to create all the different listings pages and blocks.

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