I try to rewrite the node output and i don`t get it. This script produce only


without any content.

$rows = array();
$cols = array();

$cols[] = '<div id="node-title">' . $node->title[0]['value'] . '</div>';

$colnum = 0;

foreach($node->field_body as $col){
  $cols[] = '<div class="description" id="description-' . $colnum . '">' . $col['value'] . '</div>';

$rows[] = array('data' => $cols);

print theme('table', $rows) 

Variables to theme functions must be named:

print theme('table', array('rows' => $rows));

See the documentation for more details.

  • thx! now, it works! – Bruno Dec 25 '13 at 17:32

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