I'm using better exposed filter module, and trying to build a filter based on a hierarchical taxonomy. But I can't work it out. Whatever how many terms in the taxonomy, the filter only show two radios: -any- and ``(empty). Like this: enter image description here

Do I miss something?

You can follow my steps: on a new drupal site, the default content type 'article' has a field named Tags, using the default taxonomy tags. So I build a simple hierarchy like this: enter image description here

Then I create a new page view for content type 'article', add the Tags field to FILTER CRITERIA and set Dropdown with Show hierarchy in dropdown. enter image description here

And set the display to Nested Checkboxes/Radios Buttons in BEF settings. enter image description here

Visit the view page, only 2 radios are shown: -Any- and ``(empty). enter image description here

I have try other display setting in BEF settings:

  • Default Select List: will show all 6 options in a dropdown with - prefix, it's ok
  • Checkboxes/Radios Buttons: will show 2 radios, -All- and ``(empty).
  • Links: will show all 6 links with - prefix, , it's ok

It's very strange that the default option shows the correct info (dropdown with dash-prefixed options) but the BEF nested option doesn't work correctly. I just tried this using a clean build and a similar taxonomy and it was displaying correctly:

Since this is my dev machine, I'm using the latest -dev releases of CTools (7.x-1.x), Views (7.x-3.x) and BEF (7.x-3.x). Can you try your site with the latest BEF to start with and possibly Views/CTools, if that doesn't fix thing?

Finally, if all else fails, feel free to open an issue in the BEF issue queue (which I'm hoping to give some attention to this month -- New Year's resolutions and all...). Be sure to include an export of the view and content type(s) needed to reproduce the problem.

Hope that helps.

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