i am using https://drupal.org/project/field_countdown and https://drupal.org/project/scheduler modules.

I have added field_countdown field to my content type 'items'. I have enabled scheduler for my content type 'items'.

When i am creating a node, i have to choose a date for field_countdown (it shows jQuery timer countdown until set date), also i have to set Scheduler date after that. So you have to set 2 dates instead of one, because these modules are not working together.

So i want to fill only 1 field instead of 2 of them, in my case its a field_countdown and copy its options to a scheduler input.

You can see on the image that i have to fill same info 2 times

I've tried jquery without success:

(function($) {
    // jquery timer
    Drupal.behaviors.MyTimer = {
        attach: function (context, settings) {
            // This code will run, on load, even in overlay!!!!!!
            var timerDate = $('#input-id').val();

But js console says that timerDate is undefined. I am using overlay and bartik theme for administration pages.


Here is a good place to start:


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