I have configured my clients online Vineyard store to display a flat rate up to £50 and free shipping thereafter. However they are now selling Vineyard Tour vouchers which are free to ship.

I am trying to set up a condition whereby:

If the cart only contains a vineyard tour voucher or if the order is over £50 make the shipping rate free. or

If the cart contains any other product (as well as a voucher) and is less than £50 standard shipping rate of £8.50.

Any help would be appreciated.




You can use a combination of the modules Rules Bonus Pack, Conditional Rules, and Commerce Rules Extra to create condition loops to compare a data value and set the shipping type in the actions.

Event = When calculating shipping

Condition = If cart contains item of type X

Action = add IF > Order total is greater than $50 > Add line-item: Free shipping

     add ELSE > Add line-item: Standard shipping

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