Currently I have a views with grid display that has the fields Content: Category and Content: Title, and a filter criteria of Content: type (is a product). This displays all my ubercart products with their associated category above them. So I have a result like:

  • Category 1: product x
  • Category 1: product y
  • Category 2: product z
  • Category 2: product t

What I want is to have each category only appear once with a few products listed below each category. Such as:

  • category 1:
    • product x
    • product y
  • category 2:
    • product z
    • product t

I tried giving the field Content: Category and multiple field setting where all values of the field will be shown in the same row but that did not work.

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  1. In you view page, click Settings under Format section next to Grid or whatever display type you use.
  2. For Grouping field Nr.1 select Content: Category
  3. Under Fields section, click on the field Content: Category
  4. Check Exclude from display
  5. Save. That's it.

you can do this with Views field view module.

This module allows you to embed a view as a field in a view. A new field handler is made available, so this can also be used in area (header/footer/empty) handlers as well as rows.

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