I am trying to download module using Drush API via drush script as following:

#!/usr/bin/env drush

// check if we can bootstrap
$self = drush_sitealias_get_record('@self');
if (empty($self)) {
    drush_die("I can't bootstrap from the current location.", 0);

// goes to site directory
drush_op('chdir', $self['root']);

drush_include_engine('drupal', 'environment', drush_drupal_major_version());

//****how to download module



While i see an Drush API for enabling, i don't see for downloading a module
How to download a module via Drush API from the script? Is there Drush API for automatically detect dependencies, download them and enable? Thank You

Drupal 7, Drush 5.8, Mac

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If there's an API for this, I think it would be drush_invoke_process. I believe Drush uses that function internally when one command wants to execute another.

The primary function that executes the download work is drush_pm_download(), so you could probably just call it directly as well.

And of course, as a last resort, you could use exec(drush @alias dl $module).

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    Yes, drush_invoke_process("@self", "pm-download", array("uuid")); is definitely the way to go here. As for Drupal functions such as module_enable, you don't need to call the Drush function -- you may call the Drupal function directly. That is much better than using drush_include_engine, which I would encourage you to stay away from. Use drush_invoke_process("@self", "pm-enable", array("uuid")) if you must use Drush to enable the module. Jan 5, 2014 at 2:08
  • Thank you that worked. Greg, thanks for the tip on running Drupal functions directly...i wasn't aware those are available when run as drush script
    – latvian
    Jan 5, 2014 at 5:53

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